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Hit or Miss! Worst Weekend, “Master”-ful Loser and a Cold Review

Box Office Results 

  1. The Possession—$9.5M
  2. Lawless—$6M
  3. The Words—$5M
  4. The Expendables 2—$4.75M
  5. The Bourne Legacy—$4.04M

•Well, “The Words” didn’t end up taking first place like I wanted it to, but for an artsy movie, it did fairly well. It’s kind of hard to beat action-y movies and whatnot with a movie about a writer who steals another writer’s work. But what can you do? Overall, nothing much really changed all too much this week. As for next week, I’m very much excited! “The Master” and “Finding Nemo” are coming out, and I just can’t wait to see them both! “Nemo” will more than likely take the top spot next week, and seeing how “The Master” isn’t a movie that’s had much advertising, I feel like it’ll end up in either third or fourth place next week.

New at the Box Office

•The Cold Light of Day (2012) Action, Thriller

–After a young Wall Street trader’s family is kidnapped in Spain, he must confront the agents responsible who are looking to recover a briefcase

Check out this blogger for a review of the movie!

Fogs’ Movie Reviews: Read it! It’s a rather jolly-good review for you all to check out!

Hit or Miss in Movie News

Miss! Worst Box Office Weekend in Four Years

•Since 2008, we have never seen such a low-grossing weekend at the box office. I am somewhat depressed, but what can you say? We just got out of an intense summer box office, and now we’ve reached a slump. Yes, we have artsy, scary and action-y movies out at the box office, but right about now, I feel like we all desperately need a hero to come and save the theatre business…When’s the next “Iron Man” movie due out, again?

—Full article at here!

Venice Film FestivalMiss! Venice won’t let “Master” master the ceremony

•Um, really? Really Venice Film Festival? You guys even admitted that this movie was one of the best to grace your stage and you only allow a movie to win two awards max? What kind of award show is that? I’m severely confused. If a movie is really good and deserves awards in directing and acting (among other things) why not give credit where credit is due? Sometimes, people just don’t make sense.

—Inside Movies article here!

Coming Soon

September 14

  1. The Master
  2. Resident Evil: Retribution
  3. Finding Nemo 3D (2003)

Sneak Preview

•I don’t have too much to say than to remind you to make sure that you keep your movie suggestions rolling in for Tuesdays. I didn’t get any requests for this week, so if you want a movie reviewed, let me know either in the comments below or on my Twitter @EmisforMovies. Have a great Sunday!

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The Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, located within the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is committed to the philosophy that prospective practitioners of theatre, film and new media must be provided with thorough education, training and practical skills for employment in industry and educational settings. This blog is our way of giving you an inside look at what goes on within the Johnny Carson School from our main stage theatre productions to student films. We hope that you enjoy it!

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