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Hit or Miss! Expendables Dominate, Bourne Dies and Marvel Targets Gunn?

Box Office Results 

  1. The Expendables 2—$28.8M
  2. The Bourne Legacy—$17M
  3. ParaNorman—$14M
  4. The Campaign—$13.4M
  5. Sparkle—$12M

Okay, so Bourne didn’t really die. But in box office terms, it sort of did. I was really hoping that it would stay in first, but what can I say: people like watching old guys fight on the big screen. Congrats, Mr. Stallone. ParaNorman also faired out pretty well, and Sparkle was able to shine a little bit as well. As for next week, everything’s up in the air for my predictions. Nothing really seems all too wonderful, but Premium Rush might must be able to get into the top 5.

New at the Box Office

•ParaNorman (2012) Comedy, Animation

–A kid who is able to communicate with the dead must protect his town from a centuries-old curse.

Check out these other bloggers for reviews of the movie!

Kimberly Gaddette: Be sure to also check out the whole review she provides at the bottom of the article (there’s a link for you there!).

The Film Corner: A mini review for those of you who want their review short and sweet.

Hit or Miss in Movie News

Hit? Gunn maybe to direct “Guardians of the Galaxy”

•Alright, so I’m not fully aware of what exactly this Marvel project is all about, but it’s evidently a big deal. Marvel studios is planning on releasing this as a movie, and they’ve been having a bit of trouble setting it up. They’ve revamped the script a couple of times, and now they’re attempting directorial negotiations for James Gunn. Gunn has directed quite a few low-budget films, so I don’t know how this will fare out. “Guardians of the Galaxy” isn’t a well-known Marvel franchise, but then again Gunn is a fairly fresh face to movie-goers as well, so he might just be able to pull this off.

—HitFix article here.

Hit! A heartwarming story for you all to read

•Alrighty, I was surfing the web to find another bit of movie news for you, but this article just makes me smile. It’s written by Luis Andres Henao and it talks about how a filmmaker, Alicia Vega, who has been teaching the art of movie making to Chile’s slum children. It’s just one of those stories that will put a smile on your face.

—AP Article here.

Coming Soon

August 24

  1. Premium Rush
  2. The Apparition
  3. Hit & Run

Sneak Preview

•Next week, I’m going to be back to normal with my movie reviews. College life has taken some getting used to, and my moving in is now finished, so movies will be on your way! You can request it either in the comments below or on my Twitter @EmisforMovies. Have a great Sunday!


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